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Your child deserves a life in which

his needs are met by both parents

Having a child is a tremendous responsibility. Regardless of the relationship status of the parents, both parents have an obligation to provide for the needs of their child and to provide financial support to meet the needs of food, shelter, clothing, education, and medical care.


Often establishing paternity is the first step in securing support for your child. Let us help you establish the identity of the father of your child so you can seek ongoing support.


•Paternity establishment

•Child support orders

•Enforcement of support orders


In many cases, we can guide you through making legal decisions and through the steps of the process that prevent you from ever having to step into a court room, which SAVES time, money, and stress.

Circumstances change, and with them, so do support obligations. If you feel that your child support orders need modification, call us so we can guide you through the situation.

Modify existing orders

Get in touch with us today to begin fighting for the rights of your child.


Paternity cases and modifications to existing child support and parenting plans start at just $399, plus filing and service fees. Ask us about pricing specific to your circumstances. Call for a FREE consultation.


Judgment hammer

Give your child a strong and dependable future

Ensure your child has what he needs to know where he comes from and where he is going.

child holding parents' hands